Junior and Senior High School

International Programs

Intercultural understanding is incorporated as a vital element of both academic and non-academic education at Nigawa Gakuin. The vibrant programs that are offered to students are continuously expanded year by year and supported by partner schools around the world.

Study Abroad Programs

Each year, students in 1st and 2nd grade of high school have the opportunity to spend a year at one of our partner schools in the United States or Australia. Students are placed with host families and are fully immersed in the local culture and community, giving them first-hand experience in communicating with people of different cultures and backgrounds. As they attend classes as regular students at the host school, credits earned are recognized by Nigawa Gakuin, enabling them to return to their previous grade without repeating a year. Students who participate in these programs return to Japan not only with improved language skills, but also as mature individuals who have learned to understand and appreciate both foreign and Japanese cultures more deeply.

Long-term international students

Nigawa Gakuin accepts long-term gap-year students from all of our sister schools. These students tend to have a strong interest in the language and culture of Japan, and they attend school for up to one year as students of Nigawa Gakuin. Their presence offers other students an opportunity to experience intercultural communication right here in Japan in their daily routines.

Visiting International Students/Groups

Nigawa Gakuin regularly hosts visiting international students from our many partner schools around the world. These visits provide ideal opportunities for our students to introduce the language and culture of Japan to students of a similar age from English and non-English speaking countries. Nigawa Gakuin families have been very generous with opening their homes to international students, both short-term and long-term. Such programs have enabled students to actively use the language skills that they acquire in English classes from day to day, and the friendships that they make are often long lasting. In addition, the cultural stimulation that such exchanges provide tends to motivate students to learn more about the world in general, encourages a more serious approach to language studies and sometimes inspires them to apply for study abroad programs themselves.

Short-term tours

Some of our international partner schools have Japan as their preferred destination for study and sporting tours. Nigawa Gakuin regularly hosts students short-term during their stay in Japan, and students whose families volunteer as hosts have an opportunity to communicate and make friends with children of a similar age from different cultures. The international students take part in special activities at our school that involve both students and teachers alike. Nigawa Gakuin students look forward to meeting these international visitors through such activities that are now a part of our regular activity calendar.

Language class exchanges

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, students are now able to experience more dynamic English lessons for more enhanced in-class language learning. The English department has incorporated live exchanges using the internet with students who are studying Japanese at our international partner schools. These exchanges give meaning to their day-to-day English studies and stimulate them to become more active communicators.
In addition, Nigawa Gakuin elementary students have also established relations with Craigslea State School in Australia to encourage interest in intercultural communication. The letter and e-mail exchanges have been popular among the students which are providing a stimulating introduction in the early stages of language learning.